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2015 JKUR
3" EVO springs with Rancho 9K's
Synergy Steering Correction
Metalcloak front lower arms
Arms currently set to 22 7/8"

Noticed this past week a little shake and touchy steering at highway speed. Not bad but noticeable. Had the front tires re-balanced. They were off a little so that resolved the shake. Decided to get a free alignment check at the local Goodyear store. Attached is the result.

I'm thinking lengthening the arms to 23". Only one adjustment on toe so not sure about that. Can't adjust camber so not sure on that. Not sure that I really need to do anything other than a slight arm adjustment to see how that affects caster and the slight touchy steering.

What are your opinions on the alignment numbers I got?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts