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Actually built this for my boat project i'm covering on over on under this same user name. I started by using a 7.62MM ammo can. I had some scrap pieces of aluminum laying around from where i cut a piece of my new decking and started thinking... :hide: I cut a hole in the back for the wires to pass through and stuck the stereo in, with the face off it fits perfectly!! Next I grabbed a pair of pliars and bent one of the aluminum pieces that was about 3 inches longer than the can. I slid it in and something must have gone wrong, it was a nice tight fit keeping the stereo in!! :facepalm: So i duplicated it and put one in the back of the can and the front, now i'm going to use so JB weld or similar stuff to keep those brackets in place so that it doesn't fall apart going across the water. Figure this may work for some of the guys running rigs that don't have a good place for the stereo, an ammo can will run you about 10 dollars at most gun/sporting/hardware shops...



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