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1. Looked at T-shirts, liked "The Price of Freedom" one

2. Saw first anvil and 10A JK, red seats and all. Wicked pissah, and have no idea why anyone would poo poo them.

3. Rock Lobster Moab still there after six months- color or package?

4. Woman buying JK Sahara. Tap on her window and explain "the wave."

5. Talk to said woman's husband about how to take freedom panels out, Wrangler Forum, and "quirks" of Jeep ownership.

6. Gave salesman, who was interested- two actually- information on colors, and a little tour to a copperhead Ram.

7. Started planning/pricing/negotiating wife's new JKU- RL leftover or Hydro/Amp'd order?

8. Drove away with new tie rod/steering link in my '10, problem (self-diagnosed intermediate shaft) NOT fixed.

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Sounded like you spent a good hour!

...till I got to number 8. :nonono:

Good luck getting the REAL issue fixed!
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