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Hi all. I am in the process of moving to a brand new house and one of the items on my list is a proper hoist. By proper I mean proper to install in a brand new finished garage.

Currently I have the Lange Manual Hoist-a-Top. Since I only use the hoist twice a year, at the time it was OK to go cheaper and get the manual clicker. Given the space of my current garage, I mounted the handle up high at the top of the garage wall to have a horizontal setup. I didnt have the option of running it lower down the wall. However since I am going to a shiny new garage, I dont want to use this set-up as I hate climbing a ladder to raise/lower the roof while guiding it with one hand. It sucks. I also dont really like the one center point of mounting in the ceiling.

Now that I will be having a clean slate I want to install a much easier hoist. I was looking at the kit to add the powered "winch" to the current setup to retain the current top holder.

Here is what I have: Lange Originals 014-230 - Lange Originals® Manual Hoist-a-Top® for 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK - Quadratec

Here is what I was originally thinking: Lange Originals 014-400 - Lange Originals® Power Option for Hoist-A-Top® - Quadratec

However it still has a single mounting location for one eye bolt (2 if you want to add pulleys to cut the speed in half). The power button option seems nice, but looking at the Harken Hoist, that just seems to spread out the load better with 4 points and looks to be workable from standing on the floor to raise/lower. For a 2-door top is it easy to raise/lower? By easy I mean effortless or are you struggling to pull it up? I havent seem one in person.

I see a lot of Harken users so it must be a good product. Any advice on which way to go??
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