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could'nt that clear vinyl tubing melt with engine heat?? also was that gutter/drain reducer and a pvc 90 elbow?? if it all works great thinking....

yes its clear vinyl and it hasnt melted yet lol had the CAI on and just wired to that brace..finished the rest a couple hours ago..
and yes its a drain reducer but i cant take the credit for was poly um um cant remeber his/her username lol sorry..

original boot from old air box
couple of hose clamps
2 3 inch abs tubes
drain reducer to go from 3" to 2"
abs 90
flat sheet of galvanized
10x7 duct
self tapping screws
male end of an air chuck

2 inch abs pipe cut a few inches,inside the reducer and original boot for strength for hose clamp.
wanted to try this homemade version for awhile to see if it does anything (fuel mileage,power etc)
maybe buy a professional one later sense just wasting money..doesnt work I'm out 20 bux and an hour and a half of my time lol
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