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I hate to be the one to beat a dead horse, but i have to ask!

So i have a 3.5'' Rough country lift sitting at home, new, in the box.
Im planning to do quite a bit to this jeep of mine, and fear i may have cheaped out on this kit, and have started looking at teraflex, rock krawler and metalcloak ($$$ouchhh)

I figure i might as well go with a long arm kit right away - so i guess what im asking is this :

In your experience, which LA suspension provides the most balanced (pleasant) hwy/off road driving experience? I will be doing LOTS of commuting (summer road trip down the usa east coast), and am hoping to stop on some trails as often as possible to have some fun in the sand/mud/rocks on the way.

Keeping in mind that:
a) i want it to be as adjustable, and rugged as possible
b) i dont mind putting together different brands of items to get the ideal set up
c) my budget (for the lift) is around 2k, and would hate myself if i spent more than 3.5-4k

If you have a GREAT set up that you LOVE, could you please help me out and share it with me?

Thanks again!!
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