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Well my jeep is in the process of getting $6k+ of axles, suspension, wheels and tires. I just ordered 5 16x8 pro comp wheels. And I'm in the market for some new 35's. I have it narrowed down to three.

Bfg mt km2
Super swamper ssm16
Hercules trail digger mt

I know I know, quite the spread. My problem with the bfg's is the price. And the super swampers seem to be up there too with mixed reviews. Now the Hercules tires get mixed reviews, but the price is almost worth taking the gamble, not to mention it gets so hot here in Florida and in stop and go traffic all the time, any mud tire won't last as long for me as it will most of you I imagine. But when it comes to the three. I'm lost. Also, I can't find any reputable online dealers for the Hercules. Does anyone know what franchise stores I could get them at here in the panhandle? I'm in a time crunch because the axles are almost done and the wheels will be here tomorrow.
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