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This is my second YJ I have done a 5.3 swap in. Way easier the second time around. I have done 90% of the work myself with the help of a couple friends. I Firmly believe in Built not Bought. Started as a bone stock 93 base YJ, 2.5 4 cyl and 5 spd manual. Picked it up for $1100 from an older gentleman just over a year ago. Jeep was completely filthy, he drove it when deer hunting, only has 123k on it. Happened to be driving by as he was putting a For Sale sign on it. Had a little bit of frame rot on the rear sections of frame. Drove it home 15 miles and has been in my garage since, but the light is at the end of the tunnel. Fixed the frame rot 2 weeks of owning it. I went SOA on RE 2.5” springs. Boomerangs, MORE high steer kit, and put 35’s under it, XJ CV front driveshaft shortened as my new rear driveshaft, got a set of 6” TJ fender flares for free and cut them to make flat fender flares.. freshened up 2002 5.3, Built another 700r4 like my previous jeep and put it behind the 5.3. And a Custom Stand alone Ls harness done by a buddy and myself. We completely unpinned every wire from the ECM, Labeled each wire. Removed everything that wasn’t needed, ie:couple sensors all transmission controls, Ran 1 wire at a time to the proper length and made sure nothing was intertwined. Took over a day and a half start to finish for just the LS wiring harness, stripping
It down and installed. Took the engine harness and tied it to all the factory gauges except the tac and tied it to the factory fuse panel under the hood as well. Jeep is still on stock axles but i have a set of Dana 60’s sitting in my garage I picked up for $300 on Local Craig’s List out of a 2009 F250.

What’s left to do is:

*pressure side power steering line
*Purchase a TV Made EZ bracket and cables To hook up the transmission cable to the 5.3 throttle body
* install transmission lines
* have front driveshaft made.


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