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Anti-skid coming on after 2.5" lift.! HELP!!!

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Need help guys...
07 JKU 4wd stock
Put on 33" tires... Drove fine.
Put 2.5" lift on a month later, drove fine.
Had alignment done, anti-skid light is coming on on moderate left or right turns at about 10-15mph. And noticed the steering wheel doesn't lock anymore.
Had it double checked thoroughly at alignment (2nd time a week later).
Still does it.
Anyone know the deal here?
Driving me nuts!
Thanks in advance.!!!

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Is your steering wheel oriented correctly when the wheels are straight?
Is your steering wheel oriented correctly when the wheels are straight?
It's aligned but now I have this going on. One wheel (passenger front) is -0.1° camber off. Just outta the limit.
Mechanic said the only way to get that one wheel in range is to replace the upper ball joint with another that is offset -
P/N 23510-23540
Your problem cannot be camber being out of spec, even by a LOT, causing anti-skid to activate. The likely cause, especially after a lift, I'd that the steering wheel is not centered. The computer THINKS your Jeep is skidding because the wheel is turned slightly (when going straight) and no yaw is detected. Even being "off" a little will cause this to happen. You need to adjust your drag link to bring the wheel back into alignment while the wheels are going "straight". An alignment shop can and should have done this if you had it aligned. Simple test: drive down the road straight and look at your wheel. Is it turned slightly? If yes, there's your problem.
Don't worry at all about camber being out of spec slightly. Assuming your ball joints are not actually worn out, you likely won't notice the camber being out. Now, if it's radically different than the other side, that you might notice, but most likely one side is barely within spec and the other is barely out. Very common. Also, keep in mind that your stock ball joints are totally crap and will wear out soon, if not already, with big wheels and tires. Do not replace with stock ball joints! Go Synergy ball joints or one of the other top shelf aftermarket brands.
I am guessing, when the alignment tech adjusted the draglink adjustment collar, they rotated the collar so that it created one full rotation of the steering wheel, when they should have adjusted just enough to recenter.

Basically they recentered, and went one full circle adjustment of the steering wheel.

I would see which way right or left has the limited steering input and which way the collar needs to be adjusted, and bring the steering wheel back one full circle and see if that helps. This can be done by you fairly quickly, just need 15mm wrench.
Thanks for all the input guys!
I'll checkout all the suggestions and hopefully get it all taken care of.
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