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Anvil JK Sport Budget Build

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Hey guys, I decided to start a build thread. I am simply wanting to document and show the different things I am doing to my Jeep. I am in college making a nice car payment, so it won't be a crazy build. Nonetheless I just plan on posting on the progress of my Jeep and everything that goes with it! Recommendations are always welcome here too :thumb:

To start with, I purchased my Jeep on January 20th, 2015!! It is the Sport S with pretty much everything I wanted..Maybe would of liked the upgraded stereo and the different gears, but I am happy with it!

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The night I got it.

So far, I have had the front windows tinted to match the rear windows. I have installed the Rugged Ridge floor mats for the front and back.

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I also have installed the Smittybuilt Neoprene Seat Covers. After reading many complaints about these, I was skeptical on purchasing these. They fit really well and look nice. Time will tell on how they hold up though!

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Finally had time to put the BedTred in and get it all finished up. So far I do like how it looks and the idea of it. It looks decent but not as good as factory carpet but not going for looks entirely. Mainly using it to help clean dog hair up. The wheel wells fit very well as does the tailgate cover. The cargo area took some work to get it to fit right but I have not done any trimming yet. As long as it holds up, I will be satisfied with this purchase.


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Anybody have any recommendations on better bulbs for the headlights? I've heard to avoid silverstar..

I bought sylvania silverstar ultra for my 2012 the bulb is H13. I got it off of amazon for 20 bucks cheaper then any local store. They were alot better then what was in my jk. I only got my jeep back in Feb and its a 2012. I think the bulbs in there were the original bulbs the glass on the old ones were yellowed and discolored to the point they provided hardly any light in the dark. Sooo I dont know if the new bulbs are so much better then stock, but they were definitely better then the ones I had. Check out "trucklite" led lights. alot of $$ but gets good reviews.
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