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I have had cranking problems with my 92 YJ, 4.0L, but thought I had them fixed. The crank sensor, TPS and distributor have all been replaced. Things have been really great on cranking and running fine, until this AM. I was driving about 65 on the interstate and had the following happen:

Noticed headlights dim quickly and go right back to normal brightness. This happened again and then the third time the engine died. The lights all stayed on and the Check Engine light came on. I coasted to the side of the interstate as the engine was dead. Once I got there the engine would not turn over. It would do everything but actually crank. It has a brand new battery as well. Could this be the alternator? I had to have it towed to a shop here in town, but was curious to find out what you thought before i get the diagnosis from the mechanic. Really getting tired of putting money into this kind of crap and not toys.

Thanks for any info.
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