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Any ideas on how to find center hub cap replacements

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I recently had my tires changed on some “american racing atx series” rims and they lost one of the center caps that cover the end of the axel. I found a replacement online, will provide a link below, but I honestly don't love the look of them....never really have since I got the jeep. I was looking to see if I could find some basic flat ones or even ones that say jeep but am unsure on the size. The one's currently on look metal but are just plastic and snap on. Does anyone know of any universal fitting ones or happen to know what would fit? Pictures of my cap inside and out + a link to the actual piece below.

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I had the chromed metal ones on my TJ. They got dinged a lot off road, and started rusting. I just took them off after that, never replaced them.

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A few years back, I bought a set of used aftermarket wheels off CL for my Yukon. All I did was measure the diameter of the old centercap, and search ebay for a "universal" replacement in that diameter. I then searched out centercap decals and applied them to the blank caps.
Granted, these caps pushed in form the back, rather than snapped in. But I gotta believe somebody makes one for your application.
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