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Good luck on stock axles. the Dana 30 up front will eat unit bearings, brakes, shafts, ball joints and might even bend the housing. the 44 out back wont fair a whole lot better long term.

Drop the damn rig 6 inches of lift is kinda tall. tummy tuck it run some 2 or 3in springs with a highlined hood and fenders
That's assuming he's got a 44 out back. If he's got a dana 35 like most TJ's, then best of luck to you, and you won't find anybody who actually recommends doing it. I thrashed the spider gears on my Dana 35 with only 33s and wasn't willing to spend another dime on it, went for the Ford 8.8 which I'd still want a new carrier inside of before going to 37s. Plus 35s are about the max for a Dana 30 in front, before you really start having issues. Plenty of people have had goals of 37's, but 33s-35s are the standard limit before you dump a lot more money into both axles.
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