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I've got a '13 JKU auto and I'm going to do a light weight mall crawler / rzr hauler setup. It'll see mild trails from time to time but nothing I'd ever have to disconnect for and also nothing I wouldn't be trying to pull the trailer through. The RZR is for the fun stuff. Speaking of which, the loaded trailer is just shy of 2000lbs and has brakes.

Current plan:
MC Overland Elite Rocksport edition 3.5"
MC exhaust spacer
Cooper STT Pro 37x13.5r18
Method Roost 18x9 with 4.5" backspace
5.13 gears. No lockers
Genright aluminum rear bumper
Factory hitch for towing
Genright aluminum low profile front bumper
Genright aluminum narrow tube fenders
MC Sportgate carrier
Trektop NX

Aluminum vs steel for this setup is, I think, about a 250lb difference compared to steel fenders, bumpers + tire carrier. It's difficult to get product weights for these things. MC is awesome for posting weights for everything!

I'm curious if the 3.5" lift will sit much higher without the added weight of steel bumpers, sliders, hardtop, etc. Should I do the 2.5" instead, expecting that to sit higher? I haven't found much in the way of reviews for the rocksport shocks. I'm wondering if I should get the shockless kit and get something like the rancho 5000x that's known to be pretty soft.

I know 37s are pushing it but I just gotta have em. 18" wheel with 4.5" backspace should be alright, right? I'd hate to buy wheels only to have to add spacers. Can't really find wheels with any less backspace then that tho.

Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any input or suggestions.
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