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Any thoughts on Pro Comp MT's

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I am looking to purchase a set of 32 x 11.50 15's and was wondering if anyone is running these now. Any pro's or con's. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I had a set of 315/70R17s on my Unlimited for a short while (came on from previous owner), they balanced fine and were surprisingly quiet on road for a MT...never took them off road so I have no input there.
Thanks TwinTurboSally! I did purchase them and are pleased so far. Not bad on road. Did a little krawling and mudding already and they handled everything with ease.
I have an older set that I am about to replace (Monday). Many reviews I've read have been generally negative. My personal experience has been mixed.

On the negative side for me are two things:
1) Treadwear. They wear quickly, and are easily scalloped.
2) In thin/packed snow there is no traction. NONE. When there is an inch of snow on my not-steep-at-all driveway, I back out of the garage and "sled" to the curb. Wheels locked, pumping the brakes, etc... doesn't matter. I have zero control.

1) They deliver the goods in every off road situation I've encountered, although they are just ok in deep sand. They're particularly good in loose rocky dirt. Have crawled up inclines of this stuff that other rigs really struggled with.
2) Work fairly well in deep snow.

My opinion of them is basically that they are a decent but fairly outdated MT tire.
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