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Any Y'all know about storage boxes.

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I was wondering if any body out there knew about storage boxes the like go on the fender wells and stuff.:wavey:
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are you asking about the boxes that go on the rear wells inside the jeep?
Cheap, fits between the wheel welss and I strap it down where the rear seat was.

Contico Portable Storage Locker with Wheels -
You can get a few ammo cans and mount them on there. The PO had done this, he also cut holes for speakers. I had just seen big r has plastic ones for 5$ each.
Sears sells flat plastic tool boxes. I had them up on the rear fenders and didnt go above the ledge
Craftsman 22" Standard Truck Box - Tools - Tool Storage - Portable Toolboxes
I have the Tuffy boxes. Love them. Good size, easy to install, stay out of the way and hold everything I need (including the 6x9 speakers).

I made my own tool box. 1/8 plate steel and a good lock. I hold all my wheeling tool and stuff in there all the time.
i think i am going to go pick up some mk19 ammo cans at surplus ammo in lakewood washington! those would be cool on the wheel wells, i will have to mock them up to see if they will open or not with the family roll bar, if they wont I will go with the fat 50 can.
+1 to homebrew.

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I've got an instatrunk. If you've got your rear seat in, this will go right behind it and give you locking storage behind the seat to the cargo door. It's worked well for me, especially since I have the backseat and a soft top - so I really need some locking storage.

-- Sam
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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