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I just purchased a 2013 Unlimited, 6 Speed and want to do an AEV 3.5" DualSport RS lift.

My budget doesn't allow for the extra $1000 for 5 Pintlers which I like, so I am thinking of 315/70 17 Duratracs on the factory 5 spoke wheels which I think look pretty decent and will buy the wheels in the next few months. I know the Spidertrax spacers are needed, but wanted to know if I'll run into any other problems by not getting a new set of wheels.

I've read the what's the largest tire I can fit on a stock JK thread, but didn't seem to find anyone who has this same setup.

Also, is the Teraflex rear tire mount bracket junk or will it support the weight of a 60 lb tire and a XX pound stock wheel.

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