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Anyone else think this way?

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Crazy thought that only a handful of folks here might share. I'm in Redford near the complete tear-down and rebuild of the I-96 freeway. On the way home from dinner tonight the wife and I drove by most of the construction. All I could think of was how cool it would be to be allowed to head down in the jeep and see what kind of fun we could have. There's likely a ton of soft dirt, probably some nice sections of mud, and tore up concrete to climb over. It'd be like urban wheeling!
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I use to think about doing just that when they had 94 under construction before the super bowl. I didn't even have a jeep back then, so now it's even more I want to do it!
Evey single time I pass construction like that...

I see a Jeep playground.
I have, though it wasn't a freeway. The blockade was down and I didn't pay much attention and drove on through. Never been down this road before so I just assume it was a dirt road. I had to switch into low range as the wheels would spin and dig deep in the soft sand. It's amazing what that Jeep can do in low range four wheel drive. :D
I drove it a few weeks ago for work in my 2014 JKU. There were a ton of people working down there so I couldn't do anything but drive slow. 😞 My Jeep did get pretty muddy from it though.
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