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anyone ever been to SHiloh Ridge?

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i've heard of quite a few events up there, but all i ever see pics of is mud. personally, i can drive right around the soupy mud if theres rocks tpo be found :flipoff: . im not gonna trailer 5 hours to run through some mud, but may be willing to travel if theres some good trails to be found.....

anyone have any intel of shiloh ridge?
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i see....yeah, that was what i was afraid of.

Katemcy was awesome, im just trying to find someone to go back with me. all of my buddies are kinda getting out of wheeling but i refuse :mad:. they had trails out there for everything from stockers to full blown crawlers on rockwells and rear steer (i saw all when i was there).

Let me know if you decide to make the trek down there and imaybe i can meet you up there. of course, theres no way in hell i can follow ur new YJ :D, but id be happy to follow u as far as i could go!
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