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so every tie rod option i can find out there doesn't fit under 15" rims. Finally reached the point where i need to replace my TREs with all the abuse i have given them.

I have purchased the MOOG stock replacements that are bent like the factory ends. While supposedly you can get both ends out of the factory bar (I'm aware normally you replace the whole bar) I want to get a straight piece of DOM threaded on each end (1inch 18TPI i belieive) and stick in the Moog ends parts ES800593, right; #ES800594 left. The ruff stuff kit will not work as their ends are 7/8 not 1".

I'm looking to get 1 " ID DOM with a .25" wall and have the ends tapped 1" with the left and right threads, use the moog ends with jam nuts.

Has anyone gone this route?
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