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Anyone make a 275/75/18 Tire?

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Looking for one of the two sizes.

Have not seen either.

These are for wife's 2012 JKU Sahara. Don't wanna do spacers, wanna keep Saraha wheels. 275mm is the widest I can put on with rubbin' issues. That's why I'm looking for a 75 or 80 series tire. Found several 275/70/18, but that's not too much larger than the stock 255/70/18.

Front end will have a small spacer lift. (3/4"-1" to level)

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Thanks for the link.
Still waiting for the stock tires to wear out. Will prob do 275/75/18 with 1.5" lift in front and .5" lift in rear now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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