I have about 5-6 gallons of a 60/40 mixture of Mopar 68163848AB concentrate and distilled water. It is currently stored in two 5-gallon hedpacks. I would have used them for my Jeep, but I sold the Jeep, and I have no vehicle that can use this type of coolant.

Please listen. If you would like the coolant by itself, simply come by my home with two of your own clean, empty 5-gallon buckets with lids, and I will pour the coolant in the buckets. The coolant is yours, free. If you would like to buy the coolant with the hedpacks, it will be $30 cash so I can replace the hedpacks. (They are about $18-$20 on Amazon.)

Again, coolant by itself. Free.
Coolant with the hedpacks, $30 cash.

PM me if you are interested.