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Installing a new ARB bumper on my 01 TJ....Pulled the stock unit off by removing the 6 torque bolts-3 on each side.. 4 up and 2 below

Lined up the new ARB, loosely screwed in the 4 upper bolts provided..
But the lower bolts seems to be 2" short of the I have to slide the bumper further onto the chassis...

Thinking I may have to remove the bolts anchoring the torsion bar...move the bumper furthr in and use those holes on the upper to anchor the top..then maybe the lower holes will line up??
Thoughts?--I know this must be simple...

I also have 2 "packers" provided...but they just don't seem strong enough to secure the bumper for what I intend to do off road...

Ur help and guidence will be appreciated...
Once I finish mounting the bumper-I'm dropping in an M8000

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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