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Are the high dollar lights worth it?

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I'm not looking for off road lights. I want something street legal, that will augment the headlights and help me see the deer, especially when I'm driving at highway speeds . I figure I can tie them into a switchable relay to the high beams. I believe 55w is legal here in MI. Is there really a big difference in light output between the $15 walmart, autozone, etc lights and the Hellas, PIAAs, etc? I have the stock fogs and while they help with light to the side, they really don't reach out that far. Whats the best, most reasonably priced, on road, driving lights? I'm looking for some bumper mounted light bar suggestions too.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I've gotten so much help from searching this forum.
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Knows a couple things...
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55 watt driving lights are no brighter than your 55 watt factory headlights, their benefit is really only that they sometimes have a more focused beam... sometimes. If you want lights that will reach out past your headlights, you really need something closer to 150 watt driving lights. Wired so they flip off with your high beams, as I wired my KC driving lights, they should be a non-issue on the highway so long as you shut them off for oncoming traffic. Keeping them covered during times of non-use will keep the local police happy if they worry about those types of things in your locale. :)

What's the difference between the cheap lights and good quality lights like from KC? In addition to quality and holding up longer, two major points are post-sales support and warranty. Like if you have a cracked lense with a set of cheap lights, you'll have to buy an entire new light to fix it. Sometimes even a complete pair! With a brand like KC that also includes a no-questions asked 23 year warranty which even covers the bulbs, you can get any replacement part you'll ever need.
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