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...Presently I have 43k on it. ...., I required new brakes in 2019 at only 24k which I was told is fairly common. I do live an elevated area and travel up/down the mountain (paved roads) for 17 miles every other day....
I don't know how common it is -- sounds very premature to me.
I've got a 2015 Rubicon JKU with 40K mi, and when I recently (July) got new tires, I and the shop guy were both surprised that my front pads were only half worn and I had most of my rears, too. After driving across the country from NJ to CA towing a fully loaded, dual axle U-Haul, I now live on top of the San Bernardino mountains (national forest) -- most of "up here" where I hang out varies between 6 and 8K ft; not to mention often going up and down to drive for shopping there as well as going into Los Angeles (90 mi on highway) to visit and babysit for our grandchildren; plus towing our boat, and towing our camper up and down the mountain ...
Maybe your driving techniques (riding on the brake pedal, failing to use lower gears [I use 4th and even 3rd when appropriate] to hold back speed on long downhill grades off your mountain, etc.) have something to do with your premature wear.
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