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So I've been on the fence about which control arms to buy, but it's time for all adjustables.

I've set on metal cloak if I'm going to buy a package deal, but I had a thought and need some advice.

What i would like to do is put ballistic fab forged joints into a set of adjustable control arms as i really like their joints and have worked with the company and some of the guys when I lived in AZ. So the question becomes, cost and ability to do it.

My thought was order a set (or preferably find a used set) of something like RC or other brand arms that are strong, but don't cost a lot because their joints suck, then replace the joints with ballistic fab.

Where I run into a few questions is:

A) what joint sizes would I order to put in arms (2" vs 2.63" vs 3" etc)
B) For the threaded adjustable ends am i better off ordering just the joint or the joint in a threaded end that is offered

Any advice is appreciated.
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