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This is a long shot & probably a stupid idea but ya never know.
I came across some photos of my old 88 wrangler and thought I'd post up and see if its still around the state. I never logged the VIN on it so I only have a few photos to go off of.
Have you owned this YJ or know someone that does?
I would like to see it again if you know where its at.
This was my first jeep and curious if it survived.
The last I knew a guy over Tamaqua PA owned it and when I was last in that town I havent seen it in his drive way. LOL! Yes I knew the guy that bought it and no I wasnt stalking him. lmao!
This was my first Jeep. Granted I didnt have alot of money to lift it so I just worked with what I could to get it looking nice.
I never found out what graphic kit was installed on it. Im thinking aftermarket.
This jeep was a 88 6cyl.(4.2) 5 speed.

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