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So I'm ready to start upgrading the audio in my 2016 jeep wrangler unlimited. After many searches i came across this forum. Anyway therecwas one member that seemed to take a route that i may likely follow. See next line:

"my stock system sucked ass too. at 60mph with the windows down i couldnt hear the radio.. im not one for loud bass anymore so this is what i did:

i changed out all 4 of the 6.5s with memphis pros and ran a 500 watt pioneer amp to them. i hid the amp in the little cargo area in the back and attached it to the top of the flap that you fold up. that way water doesnt get to it. and now it sounds like a concert in the jeep.. loud and clear.. oh and i still have the factory sterio which is good becuase then people dont think i have any aftermarket sterio shit that they could possibly steal."

Has anyone done this how did it work out? Or where should i begin?
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