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Hey guys,
So I know this is a kinda no no asking about other vehicles other than jeeps on a jeep forum but you guys are some of the best mechanics and I don't know how to trust another forum... But here is the deal, before I went back to college from Christmas break my moms 2007 FJ began having some transmission problems. Well I came back for spring break to find out it is out of commission. Come to find out the transmission was lacking fluid. Looks like some jerk thought it would be funny to drain the transmission. (she works at a public school so who knows) Well now that I'm back for summer I have some time to work on it. My dad already replaced the valve body and that didn't do too much. Actually the only thing it will do is back up... Anyone have any ideas on where to start or what to look for? Thanks and sorry again for this not being a jeep question 馃槵
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