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Help - Great weekend up north but had to jump on the brakes and the front -Pass. side brake line burst and started leaking.

I was getting ready to buy pre-bent lines and swap it out, but I need to make sure my 97 TJ wasn't modified.

Out of the master cylinder/ booster, my lines go a short distance over to a block (Brake switch / Proportional valve) but instead of going out of that and then to the brakes, mine go to another manifold block with a harness attached (Auxillary brake module?) mounted to the side of the compartment.

Is this standard? I just need to know so I can order pre-bent lines. If that isn't standard for a 97 TJ, then I guess I will learn how to bend brake lines.

Counting on the guru's here to give me some guidance. Thanks for your help.
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