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Hey guys,

I'm looking for input on an auxiliary heater for the rear cargo space of my TJ. I do a lot of work in northern ontario and will also be going to Yukon/NWT for some Government work this winter. My dog comes to every job site and I'm noticing that he is getting cold in the back as the weather turns. I have built him a raises insulated bed area for him (also let's me have a space to store my work gear) but with that and the stock heater he still gets cold. I tried a couple options I found locally, first was a 150watt 12v heater that proved useless. My ex blew more hot air in 30 seconds then it did in an hour. The next option I tried was a 900watt 120v that I plugged into my inverter, but then I've maxed out the inverter and at times it pops the safety on it. Has anyone used a 12v auxiliary heater that actually blows decent heat? It has to be 12v, as I don't want too, nor do I have the space for another inverter. Thanks for the help everyone!
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