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Awesome Experience Buying my 2013 Rubi with Fred Latasa at OC Jeep (soCal)

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Back in August I ordered a 2013 Rubi from Fred Latasa at Orange Coast Jeep in San Juan Capistrano, after reading that another forum member was given 3% off invoice with TL. I got the same deal with exactly zero haggling required. He took my order and $500 deposit and the Jeep was in the order bank 1.5 weeks later just as I ordered it.

A couple weeks after ordering I received a $500 Handraiser rebate off the Jeep website for requesting info be mailed to me. I gave Fred the code and he applied it to the purchase, no questions asked. I also shipped Fred a set of Rugged Ridge wheels, 285/70/17 Duratracs, and some TPMS sensors.

A couple weeks ago I flew into John Wayne airport and headed to the dealer to pick up my rig. There were literally no surprises from either Fred or the finance person Haille. My wheels and tires were mounted and balanced while I filled out the paperwork and the service crew even let a fellow forum member back his Jeep into the garage to pick up the stock wheels and tires he had purchased from me.

I was 100% shocked at how seamless and easy the whole purchase was. 2013 Rubi at 3% off invoice with $500 rebate tacked on and ZERO haggling. HUGE thumbs up for Fred Latasa at Orange Coast Jeep. Give him a call at 949-354-5415. He's the real deal people!
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Sounds like it all worked for the better. Wish my experience was that smooth, I bought mine used and the buying experience, actually the finance department, was terrible. We had our, then, 1 yr old with us and spent 6 hours waiting to get the financing paperwork finalized, thing was, we had already been approved by our credit union, but they jacked around until the office was closed to get us in with the finance guy. :banghead:

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I had a very good experience here in Canada with Raceway Chrysler out of Toronto. I used Car Help Canada (they have a local tv program) to arrange everything prior to purchase. Through Car Help Canada everything is arranged beforehand so I basically walked into the dealership, confirmed my purchase and made sure the common missing items were there (4.10 gear ratio specifically) and signed on the dotted line.

No bs pushed on you, reasonable pricing (have to pull out paperwork for the numbers), and quality service since. A good dealership experience is a great feeling. This was my first new vehicle purchase so I was glad it went smoothly.
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