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ax15 to 1987 4.0

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is there anything i need to mount a 95 ax15 to a 87 4.0.will the flywheel on the engine work or will i have to buy another one.any info will be great. got my ax15 today. not going to be long and i will be pulling the 4.0 out of my doner cherokee.just trying to get a parts list up. here is what i got so far.
new motor mounts(swaping 2.5 for 4.0)got to move them new
23'' spline (long shaft) input shaft for my 231 tcase
new clutch kit for ax15
slave cyl
anything else i need to add to list?
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help a brother out guys/gals
kdub is your slave cyl inside or outside of the bellhousing?
kdub is your slave cyl inside or outside of the bellhousing?
it is outside bellhousing.its a 95 ax15.any problems that u know of
No probs. I have a 93 and just bought a brand new ax15. Mine was the internal slave set up, but the company I bought it from didnt tell me that Asin dosen't build that set up any more so I have to convert to the external slave. I don't know if that is what you are doing but parts needed now are a 94 to 99 bell housing, throwout lever and throwout lever retainer. Since I don't have the external slave I have to find the bleeder screw from an old one when I go to the jeep dismantlers. I don't know why the new slave dosen't come with them. I hope that helps.
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