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Axle upgrades

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Is there an advantage to having an axle that has been upgraded as compared to just a heavier axle? A good example of my question would be is there any advantages to trussing an amc 20 axle then adding heavier 1 piece shafts as compared to just getting a set of Dana 44 axles?
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The axles in an AMC are slightly weaker than a Dana 44 but the ring and pinion are stronger. I had an AMC 20 with a Detroit and 1 piece axles. I broke an axle and decided to build the Dana 4 I already had. In hindsight, I should have got the Warn full floater kit and trussed the housing. It would have been cheaper and stronger than what I ended up using. The Warn kit is better than ANY 1 pc kit.
I'd say it could depend on what kind of width you are wanting. I'm helping a buddy right now go from stock narrow track AMC20 and Dana 30 to 65 inch D44's. Will give him and awesome track width and can run up to about 39's pretty easily.

All else being equal look for the positive of one or the other.
Unless you plan on doing some severe wheeling, just build up the d20. You'll save money initially and have something that you could sell at a later date if your wheeling needs changed.

I've built 2 cj's with d20's and had very good luck. I used moser 1 piece axles, detroit locker, and trussed the housing.

On a side note, I've got a d60 and a 14 bolt with 5.13's, detroit's, and disk brakes that I would sell.:D
there are plenty of jeep axle in the market that you can put on your ride.. really depend on your choice - on how big the width you want plus of course the budget that you are willing to spend on it.. just get the one which you think best suits your ride.. ;)
the Ford 8.8 from an explorer is a great option cause it bolts right up and is a 1/4" narrow. the only real difference i the bolt pattern which can easily be changed with a set of spacers. i ran one in my CJ locked up and it was the best mod i had done at the time before the dana 60 swap. Not to mention the best part of all disc brakes!
1. even wiht disc brake sin the rear, the rear is uspposed ot do less braking than the fornt so its useless unless you upgrade the front

and the 8.8 is 1/4" smaller than a d44, not a D20, its wder than a D20
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