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I recently joined the Jeep club about a month ago. I bought a pre-owned certified 2018 JKU Sahara with under 15k miles. What a rabbit hole and money pit I've gone down since then...this forum is partially to blame, haha...I have to say, lots of great info here. Thank you!

My Jeep is pretty much a DD with cargo room for my music equipment (I'm a bassist, both electric and upright). I plan on some light off road, nothing crazy. It's way cooler than the Flex I had previously..:atomic:

17x7 Method rims 4.5" back space with Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/70/17 tires (C-rated) on stock suspension. No rubbing...
RedRock 4x4 Crawler-Max Full Width Front Bumper w/ Winch Mount
Mopar Tubular Rear Bumper
I know the tubular bumper look isn't a favorite around here but I personally like the old school tubular look. Weight was a factor in choosing the bumpers as well, both are only about 20-25lbs heavier than the stock bumpers.
Mopar rear trailer receiver hitch, fuel door cover and hood lock, 13" Rydonair antenna, GPCA grab handles...



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