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Been reading through the seat heater threads.

Ok here's what i know.

1) 2013+ JKU models have a pressure switch for the airbag in the passenger seat.
2) The Mopar seat heater kit does not come with a passenger side seat bottom element because of #1
3) The Maker of the Mopar kit is Check Corp and also does not come with a passenger side seat bottom from what i can tell.

Makers of seat heaters (non-ebay stuff i was hoping to find a company which has been around a while)

Check Corp
Corbeau (i'm sure OEM'd from somewhere)

Am i missing anything. I have a 2015 JKU Sport with cloth seats that i intend to add seat heaters to...

I'd like a buy a great quality kit - I'm in the do it it once camp.

1) Can i install the pass seat bottom heater element (i think it is a pressure switch so should not be effected, basically it is the same as having a seat cover on the seat which i will add as well)

2) Tapping into the 12v Sig lighter seems to be the best source of switched power.
3) any other gotcha's on a 14-15 sport i should be aware of.


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Any reason you can't use the 07 to 2010 Mopar seat heater kit?

I believe the passenger seat airbag sensor is just above the seat rails.
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