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Hey guys. I've spent numerous hours paging through this great forum and its wealth of information.

I've also read a lot of the posts regarding wheel size & backspacing/offset issues. Although I've read these posts, I'm having trouble understanding some of the concepts of the wheel fitment.

I recently ordered a 2015 Wrangler Sahara in the Tank color. Upon taking possession of the Jeep, I plan on putting new wheels and tires on it. I do not plan on putting a lift kit on it.

I would like to put the KMC XD Series XD818 Heist wheel on the Sahara. I went on TireRack and it shows that the rim is available in either a 18x8 or 18x9 size. What would you guys recommend for the size. Is there an advantage to have a 18x9 vs. an 18x8 wheel?

It also shows that the 18x8 wheel has a 35mm offset, 5.866 backspacing, 5-127 bolt pattern and it recommends a 255/70-18 tire size.

It shows that the 18x9 wheel has a 30mm offset, does not show a backspacing, has a 5-127 bolt patterns and recommends a 255/70-18 tire size.

I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible with the addition of the new rims and tires. I will not be doing any type of offroading, so there is no need for me to get significantly larger tires.

With that being said, which rims with the specs I provided with be the closest to the original? Will I need to add spacers for these rims. Would these rims stick out past the fenders?

I apologize for these noob questions. I've read the information regarding backspacing/offset but it's not making sense to me.

I'm hoping that some of you can offer some insight into the rims I'm interested in, to save me from buying something that requires a lot of adjustments to be made, in order for the proper fitment.

Thank you so much in advance for all of your help!
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