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bad thinking :(

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ive been thinking of trading my jeep in soon.. I might be gettin another parttime fire department job about 30mins away.. and with gas prices.. and me breakin things costing more then i am making on payments around 298$ a month... I dont know if i can keep it. wondering what i could get a for a 2000 Wrangler Sport.. 5speed.. 4.0l.. hardtop.. 25,000 Miles.. with only mod is 30x9.5x15 firestone mt's.. Thanks.. i am saddened to think this way.. been great on here and in the jeep community.. will miss the jeepers wave :(!
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That jeep would go for about $10k around here. (private party sale) You will get a better idea if you go to and put in your zip code and all the equipment on your jeep.
Sorry Bro. I hate that you have the need to do that.
Why not try to get another part time job a little closer to home?
I would keep it and be more gentle with it thats what I've done and ain;t broke nothin yet and still have fun.
Firefighters in big towns or cities here make a lot of money maybe you should just relocate.
Keep the Jeep and buy a beater to drive back and forth to work.
I second the beater idea. I'm driving a '95 lumina that I picked up for $750 so my Jeep can be the toy it was designed for.
The other thing is, how long have you owned this Jeep? What kind of condition is it in? The reason I ask is that a dealership is not going to give you retail value for your Wrangler. And if you haven't owned it very long, you may still owe more than it's worth as a trade in. Also, if you trade it in, you are going to be purchasing another vehicle, and to beat that $298 payment you are going to have to finance no more than about 13K. What are you going to get that's better than a Wrangler for 13K out the door?

Just something to think about. Personally I think your in about the best situation you could hope for at this point. I don't think a different vehicle is the solution, I think you should be looking at different job prospects to solve your problem.
Well im not selling or trading it in.. i just purchased a 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R.. Fun on 2 wheels :)
Helluva deal boss. Glad you are keeping your rig. And you'll be able to get what like 40 or 50 mpg with the bike? (At least during the summer. :D)
Well im not selling or trading it in.. i just purchased a 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R.. Fun on 2 wheels :)
Absolutely awesome. But, wear a helment.
Wear a safety gear >.> grats on the bike tho =P

Well im not selling or trading it in.. i just purchased a 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R.. Fun on 2 wheels :)
Which one did you get? I have the 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R - Special Edition. I'm sure you're gonna love the bike!!! Just a little tip - you can get close to 60 MPG but if you ride over 80 your MPG drops to the low 40's.
Low 40's is a real problem, especially when you were getting about 15 in the jeep!!!
Actually, at 40 mpg, it will still take awhile to make up the difference with a $10,000 payment.

On that note, ZX6's are NICE bikes, although I dont really like sport bikes all that much(i like bare touring bikes :) ), I do really enjoy riding the ZX6s..real nice bike.. congrats, you will love it but just be careful, dont show boat it, and break it in right.

Be safe, and congrats :)
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