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Hello everyone! I've been having a problem that I THINK I've diagnosed but I wanted to get some feedback from some more jeepers. I've got a 2015 JKU Sport S, 3.5" lift, 35s, Yukon 4.56 gears. I've currently try got just under 43000 miles on it. About 4000 miles ago I brought it in for an oil leak that the dealership covered under warranty (valve cover gasket)...when I got it back I noticed a low speed metal on metal noise. That noise has now progressed into a ball bearing like sound that gets very loud only when in Drive and depressing the gas pedal. The noise goes away if I take my foot off the gas OR put it on neutral (even if I still have my foot on the gas).

So what have i done so far? Took it back to the dealership who said it was my rear differential pinion bearing...took it back to the guy who did my gears who initially said it was my brakes but then after realizing I was talking about the louder noise said it could also be the rear pinion bearing. He had me remove the rear driveshaft and drive in 4wd...this made the low speed noise stop and the wheel bearing noise DECREASED but was still present. I've also taken off just the front driveshaft and left the rear on...all symptoms returned, the ball bearing noise in drive with the gas pedal pressed and the low speed grind.

Since it only makes the louder noise when I'm in drive and giving it gas...and go quieter when I removed the rear driveshaft but was still present...does that indicate the problem is my transfer case? Shifts into and out of 4wd perfectly and all shift points work great (thank you aev procal).

Thanks for any help.
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