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hey guys, just this morning I was driving to school my my steering wheel wobble just slightly side to side then stopped. after school I went mudding and went home. On my way to the store I was driving around 45mph and it started to wobble pretty bad. This time I noticed the jeep was shaking also. I have done no recent mods this started out of no where. I don't see any play in the steering. I don't think anything it out of balance but that very well could be the problem. Maybe dried mud on the inside of the rim making it unbalanced? any advice is appreciated. thanks.
start with mud in the wheels. if you're ever going mudding. find a power wash place as soon as your done - before that stuff hardens - everywhere. mud insulates heat - heat is bad... and can throw wheels out of balance. check to make sure your wheel weights weren't thrown too.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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