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Baja Designs | SAE Compliance Service Bulletin

In November 2019 a third party made Baja Designs aware that the SAE Squadron was out of compliance with J583 guidelines. We immediately shipped samples to a testing facility for further verification. Our testing discovered that the light was over by 119 candelas on the upward horizontal axis. In more understandable terms, that is the equivalent of 1.19 candles at 10 meters. Our engineering department has been working on a fix for existing customers ensuring their SAE Squadron’s comply. We have developed a lens insert that has been tested and confirmed by Intertek, the global leader in compliance testing, that can be installed into existing products.

Current backorders of our SAE Squadron will ship in 3-4 weeks. Existing customers can either install the insert themselves or contact Baja Designs directly requesting a shipping label. Once we receive the light in-house, our trained technicians will update the SAE Squadron followed by expediting the now compliant Squadron back free of charge.

Please reach out to Baja Designs directly ensuring your SAE Squadron is updated within a timely manner.

877-752-2613 --- [email protected]
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