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Banks Exhaust Hitting Tracbar

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So I was wondering if anyone else had run into the same problem as me. So I have a 04 TJ with the 4.0 about two years ago I installed the Banks Monster Exhaust system on it. Ran it for a few month and I absolutely loved it. Then I got my Rubicon Express 4.5 in Superflex lift with the adjustable rear tracbar, and I had to take off my exhaust from the muffler back. What I found was that the tracbar was hitting my mandrel bent muffler. So I quickly bought a somewhat large 90 degree down turn and I have had that on for over a year. (Don't tell me that it will melt a hole in my gas tank. I made sure that wouldn't happen, and if it would have happened, somewhere in the 8000+ miles I have driven this year, I probably would have caught on fire at least once). I tried fitting my rear half of the exhaust on today with no luck. Anyone else had this problem, and how did you go about fixing it?
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Anyone? I must be the only one who had this problem
I have a triangulated 4 link rear, so no track bar. But, my axle is trussed. The larger pipe hit my truss. So, I just got a 45 degree turn down and stuck it right on the muffler, dumping under the cab.
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