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Well, I am selling the turbo I had on my Jeep. I loved the turbo, it made the Silver Surfer the perfect vehicle. Offroad ready and on the street plenty of power to go fast, even for a LJ. I thought I knew better than Banks and tried to get it to work with my stroker. It didn't. It was professionally installed and removed. It should get you about 100hp and 125 lb ft of tq. There is no turbo lag and it is seamless. The handheld tuner has a custom tune by TES Performance just for this setup.

It comes complete except I kept the injectors and am using them on my stroker. They are basic Mustang injectors and will post up the link for them later. The injectors cost about $500. The turbo kit with intercooler cost $4800, the AEM boost gauge is another $200.

I will let the whole thing go for $3200.

Shipping is extra.
Drop me a PM if you are interested. no tire kickers..

Am located in Dallas, TX for a local purchase.
I am uploading a couple of pics.


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