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Hey Guys.

I know this question has been asked so many times, but here's why mine is different:

My service interval light came on... " Change Oil " 800km later the engine light came on. ( Couldn't get a service till 3 weeks later, garage was busy )

I have a 2010 Jeep Rubicon, has a 3 year old Mopar battery in.
Got up on morning, battery was flat, the funny thing was, that the radio and headlights still worked... Just a click, nothing more when I turned the key.

I checked the battery terminals, they were covered with acid build up... Took battery connectors off, cleaned the terminals with hot water, brushed the terminals and inside of connectors, refitted, tightened and jumped with another car. Drove around for an hour, parked and the next morning, same story, just a click when starting, checked battery again, acid build up over night.

Question: Am I correct in assuming the battery has had better days?

Thanks so much...

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Try charging the battery overnight to ensure it gets a full charge.
X2. Your alternator should not be used to recharge a dead battery. What does your multi meter say voltage is?

Use an anti-acid product not just hot water. Baking soda or coke works in a pinch.
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