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A few words of advice.....If you plan on driving them on the street, dont buy steel beadlocks. Just the way they are made makes them nearly impossible to get a good ride quality out of them. They start with a wheel, then cut off one of the bead edges. They the weld a flat lip on and then re-weld the outer part back on. There are wheels out there that are CAST as a beadlock wheel (Walker Evans) and there is no cutting and welding. I have walker Evans wheels on my TJ with 37" Comp Baja Claws. There is not one little once of weight on them, and they drive down the street at 55 with no problem. At all. I will also have Walkers on the JK, with Red dot BFG Krawlers, and I know that they will drive just as good. They are expensive (345 each) But if you are going to drive them on the street, spend a little more and feel good about it....:)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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