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beautiful jeep today <3

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stopped at the smokin post on bay to grab some ceegars for my caseville run, and drooled all over a black beauty ;) assuming they were at the vets resource center by the WWF, sticker on the side, in addition to the jeeps of michigan logo! had to park next to it lol :p but alas was on a time schedule so it was a quick in and out for my smokes!
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Pics or it didn't happen~!!

Caseville...?? When?? We're doing a run there 7/14
Pics or it didn't happen~!!

Caseville...?? When?? We're doing a run there 7/14
i buzzed up there for the day with a prospective girliyfriend type... today... and i know i hadnt thought of it didnt even grab my phone... haha :p i thought the jeeper was on here for some reason... lol
"prospective".... LOL... love them types... and the driver could be on here... bunch of folks are ;)
right, they are the best! our caseville trip turned into a drive around the thumb lmao.. we did caseville all the way over to harbor beach and back thru bad axe/caro (i got 18.6 MPG according to my calculations!) im heading to the chinese place for lunch today thats nearby (forbidden city) and ill snap a quick pic of the jeep if its there :)
If you see us running around Sunday... join in...

Sunday July 14’th 2013, 2:00pm

ThumbJeeps presents: Blistering in the Summer Sun! Caseville Sand Rd. Tour and Beach Party

Difficulty: Mild - (Most cars can make it down Sand Rd.)

We will be meeting at the Independent Bank parking lot in downtown Caseville (6727 Main St Caseville, MI 48725) at 2:00pm allowing everyone to have had lunch before the Sand Rd. tour. At approx. 2:15-2:20pm we’ll head out to Sand Rd. and follow the two track road through the woods and back to Rush Lake State Game Area. We’ll take a short break at Rush Lake then head back out on the trails. We will follow Sand Rd. and Old Sand Rd. out to Port Crescent Rd. then North to M25. We will follow the waterline on M25 back to Caseville including a stop along the way just outside of Sleeper State Park where the corner party store sells $1.00 hot fudge sundaes. After the ice cream break we will head into Caseville and end at Caseville Beach for an afternoon get together on the beach. We can swim, play volleyball or just hang out in the sun! Whatever works for you and your family for a nice day at the beach! Anyone still around at about 6pm or 7pm is welcome to join us for dinner in Caseville. (Dinner location TBD)

Special preparation:
· Airing down tires is not needed.
· Expect crowds, its summertime in Caseville!
· Bring drinks, snacks, bathing suits, coolers, whatever you would normally bring to an afternoon on the beach.
· You do not need a MI ORV sticker for this event

(Scheduled times are approx.)
2:00pm Meet at Independent Bank Parking Lot (East Side of Bank, South side of M25)
2:20pm Roll out to Sand Rd.
2:45pm Arrive at Rush Lake State Game Area
3:00pm Back on Sand Rd.
3:30pm $1.00 Hot Fudge Sundaes by Sleeper State Park
4:15pm Arrive back in Caseville, head down to Caseville Beach
We’ll be spending a couple or few hours at the beach. All are welcome to stay, hit the road, whatever you wish. Anyone still around at about 6 or 7pm is welcome to join us for dinner somewhere in Caseville.

Participants in ThumbJeeps scheduled events are "at will" and the Thumb Jeeps Club is not liable for any actions, accidents, damage or injuries. You are not bound to attend any event and/or follow anyone into anywhere you, your passengers and your vehicle may not remain safe and undamaged.
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heres the jeep i was talkin about

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my buddy that lives up that way wanted to know if his jacked up 1500 would fit on the two tracker, or if its a jeep only thing (hes a good wheeler, i promise) hes not sure if hes even going to be able to make it approx where is the two track on sand rd, he might go check it out for himself?
Sorry... don't know myself, have not been there yet, but I will GPS the trail Sunday and make that available afterward.

That Jeep looks like one that came to Castaways a couple weeks ago...but there were 3 similar ones in the group ;)
i got a puppy dog look today form a young lady (my friends 9 year old..) to take her muddin.. sooo we took a 7yo and 9yo to caseville to the beach, sand rd is a nice little ride, we went out by rush lake its a little soupy back there now but a minivan made it back there no problem just drove smart and avoided big mud. a very nice little ride, we didnt do much on old sand rd cause the girls were gettin tired... but very nice... its pretty easy to find where to go :) :thumb:

i have a minor gps track but its uploaded to my google, ill be at castaways tomorrow and gonna try like hell to get up there sunday!!!
Coolio.... see you tonight.... look me up, Crush JK...
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