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Bedlined my hardtop

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A couple guys asked in another thread to see pics of my hardtop that I bedlined so I figure I'd make its own thread
I had some chipping issues on the paint and I had done my fenders, mirrors etc already so wanted to spray it even though it was going to be basically the same colour :rofl:

Prep: Sanded with 80 grit, 150 then 220, blew off the dust and wiped it down. used approx. 4 1/2 cans rustoleum bedliner.

Finished result:

Forgive me if there is any mud on these last couple pics, it hasn't rained here in a long time and I found a huge puddle on the way to shooting and yeah haha you know what happened, i figure i better get a couple pics before I really soaked it

I coated 2 layers, then sanded down a coupe runs, drips and dead flies that decided they wanted to land on it and gave it one more. Any bumps on the pics are water or mud, there is virtually no imperfections, came out very clean and smooth, really happy with it :thumb:
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Mudsearcher77 was thinking about doing his, i took another pic approx same angle

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Looks good! If I had a hard top i'd be doing that this weekend :)
Looks good. I recently did my front grille with the rustoleum bedliner and love it. Only thing is it seems to be kinda rough and it seems to attract bugs like velcro. I am debating on using the bedliner or krylon but it won't be until spring. I waited to long this year to make up my mind. Anyways let us know how it holds up.
Looks great! We'll be bedlining our hardtop soon. Was a Border Patrol LJ before we got it, so the hardtop was painted grey. We want it black.

How thick were your coats? Did you start with one light coat, or just go for as much coverage as possible right away?
How much weight did this add? Did u take the windows out? Did U spray the inside?
weight? wut is dis wayht?
Jacqui said:
How thick were your coats? Did you start with one light coat, or just go for as much coverage as possible right away?
Light coats, learned it was better from spraying everything else :) I found when I tried to use thicker coats it tended to sag/run. The actual spraying took the least amount of time involved in the project so it wasn't that hard to be patient with.
Beach-Bum said:
How much weight did this add? Did u take the windows out? Did U spray the inside?
Not enough weight to notice anything. Take a full can minus the empty can and it might be a 1/2 lb per can. Plus you get to subtract all the old paint I took off, and there was a lot. I masked off the windows with tape and newspaper. I didn't spray the inside. It was white inside and the paint wasn't flaking there, I was worried it would be too dark/dreary inside.
Bed lined the outside ,painted the inside ,i like this better than white.


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What is that think that looks like

What does it do?
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Guys you can use a RUBBERIZED undercoating instead of bed liner...will have much less texture, and would be a little smoother to the touch, so it shouldn't be as much like velcro.

Is a good look, though and I just redid my top today too :) I went with a VHT epoxy in satin black. Figured since my top was already textured I'd just paint it. I did use the rubberized undercoating on my door handles, wiper blades and mirrors and it really refreshed the black.

I like SEM rubberized undercoating the best. I get it from my paint rep, but I know Duplicolor also makes one that might be worth checking out....
I noticed the thread is from last fall. How did it hold up since?
Same look? How is it to clean? I have a couple scratches and stone chips in my hard top and would love to do this.

Was debating between the rubberized undercoating and the bedliner (both by Rustoleum).

Very interested in the long term wear and cleaning though. Thanks!
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