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Belly up, Oilpan skid and SYE/CV DS

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Ok well I have some more money to spend on the heap and I need some advice

What order should I do these in? Belly up ,Oil pan skid , SYE/CV DS

If I did the SYE/CV DS would it be better to do the belly up 1st? Would the DS be diff. with the stock skid plate then with a belly up plate?

And from what I read the Oil pan skid goes right up to the stock skid so with the belly up skid plate would the oil pan plate be lower then the belly up?

And with the belly up plate would I have to add anything other then a 1" BL?

any help is greatly apretiated

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If you are going to do a Belly up then I would do the SYE/DS at the same time. Figure that the belly up will probably move the TCase somewhere around 2.5 to 3" so you are going to effectively change your pinion angle. So those two mods are very suited to do at the same time.

For an oil pan skid to work with whichever belly up will be determined on which ones you go with or how much you can modify it to fit. Some of the different manufacturer's make skid to go with their belly pan setups.

And no, with the belly up skids that are on the market today you shouldn't need anything other than your a 1" or 1.25" BL to fit them. (Since Nth stopped making their completely flat skid)
do the sye and the belly up first
I get hung up on that shovel under there almost every time I go out
I'm looking at the nth degree mobility belly up you dont need a body lift or motor lift
heres a link
The skid row engine/oil skid will mate up with most of the belly ups, including the 33 Engineering skid I want.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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