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Bent Rear Axle Housing ?

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Need some help.
I have a 98 TJ with 3.25" RC lift and 33" Goodyear MT's.
I am getting abnormal tire wear on the outside edge of both the rear tires. The tires are wearing at an angle from the outside in with the worst wear on the outside and slightly less on the inside. The tires have about 8000 miles and the rear tires are pretty much toast, almost bald on the outside maybe 1/2" more thread on the inside. Passenger is slightly worse than driver side. Front tires are great. I run about 27 PSI in the tires.

A little background info:
I bought the Jeep about 3 years ago with about 90,000 miles, drove it about 4000 miles and put lift on with tires and wheels. In hindsight the rear tires that were on the Jeep when I bought it wore in the same manner, but I blew it off. I did rotate the new tires once maybe twice but once I noticed the abnormal wear that was also on the originals I decided to ruin 2 tires instead of 4 while I figured this out. I have searched the forum and internet at length but can find very little info on others with the same problem. All I can come up with is the axle housing is bent. Its a straight axle with no adjustment, so what else can it be ? Am I overlooking something ?

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