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Hello all,

I have acquired a used hard top from a 2011 4 door unlimited for my 2014 Willys Wheeler.

I have noticed in heavy rains the passenger side freedom roof panel fills with water and likes to discharge the water out from the bolt hole when accelerating and or turning onto the rear passenger foor area. (Many posts regarding panel seem defects with similar issue I have read about)

I have taken off the freedom top panel and I am aware of the weep hole at the rear and in fact used it to fill the panel up with water with a hose and then just held the panel up and rotated it to locate all areas outside of the weep and bolt holes that were leaking water and I believe I have located all areas leaking.

I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions on which product to use to seal these areas up? just plain RV silicone or something other?

Looks like I might replace butyl tape in these areas as they are severely worn down.

If there is a product to use .....maybe looking for something that won't affect future work i.e. possible rhino lining of entire hard top down the road.

Thank You!
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